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After retiring in 2016, after working for UPS for 36 years, we moved to North Myrtle Beach. After about 6 months, we realized retirement can be a little boring and there is only so much golf you can play and only so many days you can spend at the beach. We have always talked about owning our own business, and thought 2017 would be a good time to start working with each other in a business where we make our own rules and we only have to answer to each other. Living only 1 block off Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, we thought it would be the perfect place to own a business. The building we are in was just renovated and thought it was a great location. We wanted something that was a locally owned and operated, that was not a franchise or your typical chain store. We wanted something that would keep the charm and feel of a small town, which North Myrtle Beach really is. With all the things going on Main Street, such as shaggers, music, water activities, and golfers, we wanted to open a store that would provide health benefits to our neighbors and at the same time bring something new to the street. We love our small town, and if you ask the people that live here, they will tell you we aren’t neighbors we are family. Everyone is always happy, helpful and glad to see you wither you are a resident or one of the thousands of people that choose to vacation here every year. We love it here, because who is not the happiest at the beach. Come by and say Hi, we are glad you’re here.